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Hon’ble Sri Masters, perhaps it’s by viewing this subject from a perspective that both parties are materialistically “innocent” that provides us with the old adage that you can't serve both ‘God’ and country. Or, perhaps by viewing the Sri Dalai Lama's rhetoric from the perspective that both parties are metaphysically driven that reinforces an understanding that you can't serve both wealth, and knowledgeable reasoning. i.e. that's assuming of course that one remains interested in the basic ‘cultural’ elements of life’s challenge or its eternal rewards. . .

P.S. An interesting thought that remains with-in its findings still continues to detain a hypothesis by allowing everything that has evolved may’ve done so because of motion. While it should be knowledgeably understood from the spiritual as well as the materialist view-point that how the spiritual and materialist world's related importantly connects to a conscientious way of Universal understanding and thoughtful forgiveness. .

Om Mani Padme Hum