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‘The Politics of Reason’
The challenge of any civilization’s for the welfare of its people and for the preservation of its greatness by the people for its government, and the betterment of its economic and social structure, and the continuing evolution of all ideological and social ideals. The continuing evolution of all ideological greatness and challenge of civilization are contingent upon these simple, and basic principles, and the animate individualism that’s the substance of all such preservation that’s the basic principle upon which everything that may be sought can be found to have existed. The founders of these ancient principles and civilized ideals of accepted social structure before us have recognized these simple and basic concepts, and the need for a separation of the church, and state because there’s no recognizable government with-out the manipulative structure of an ideological kind or politically motivated Universe. There’s no political or financial extinction that might be compromised or not be recognized with-out these basic and simple principles, or the ideological holds of any such form of simplification, with-out the ideals that're found to be most truthful and infinitely basic of all self-sustained and ideological reasoning. The ideals of all ideological greatness, and preservation of self-sustained reasoning has instilled the founding fathers, and the creators of all Universal declaration of freedom to additively ponder for the existence of a more equal, and justifiable form of government with-out the challenges of a bureaucratic tyranny, or dictatorial form of government; but with the logic of a diversified and infinitesimal freedom of choice and other fruitful possibilities. The compliancy of all entities in the Universe depend upon the ability to accept these challenges and the ability to accept all individual perspectives as equal in the creation of the cosmos. All things in nature have destiny. All things in nature have balance. The Universe’s moving in a beauty, and momentum known as love. The aspiration of all beings in the Universe depends upon the betterment of understanding, and knowledge for the journeys of tomorrow’s inter-galactic explorers. The balance of nature’s nurtured by love!