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Clásico (en Cuestión)

While allowing for the stability of homelessness to be viewed as totally dependent upon the question asked. . .

(A.) What habits of stability might be improved upon when a higher degree of education or learning's pursued?

(B.) Does the fluidity of our thinking or education become more expansive as we journey through the cosmos. . ?

(1.) What are some of the cognitive elements of an ever-expanding Universe. . ?

(a.) Generosity. . ?

(b.) Individuality. . ?

(c.) Truth. . ?

(d.) Honesty. . ?

(C.) Does the fluidity of our being or its conscientiousness become “exclusive” of the elements that can be interpreted as different from the natural order of the cosmos. . ?

(D.) Does the elevation of our thoughts include elements that our spiritual being may view as liberated from in the affinities of an ever-changing “kharamic” law, or its negative rebirth. . ?

(E.) What gives and begets and yet gives again? It’s the simple man that rules the world or the immeasurable wrath of a woman’s hellish scorn. . .